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The services we offer at Every Day Delivering Results, LLC separates us from other credit restoration programs in our view.


That is because:


1.    When we dispute negative items, we do so by correspondence only. This method is far more effective and faster at removing negative items from the credit report than doing it online.

2.    Our goal is to positively impact all five categories of the FICO Scoring Model. This means we have to do much more than just reduce the number of negative items on the credit report, which only impacts 35% of the credit score. We also have to help add and/or manage open accounts. This requires direct conversation and consultation with every client, and training to impact current and future actions and behaviors.

3.    Our clients meet with a Credit Advisor, who is an expert in credit reports and credit scoring. These meetings happen every month, for 30 to 60 minutes of one-on-one consultation. We perform a review of the credit report identifying strengths and weaknesses; we implement credit restoration strategies to help add open accounts to the credit profile; and we give advice and “coaching” on the correct management of open accounts to positively impact the FICO Scoring Model.

4.    Training is a major part of our program. Our credit advisors are most excited about this part because our clients are so  happy to learn critical information that allows them to “take control” of their credit, and learn important information that helps them understand how their actions impact credit score success and failure. Our goal is that through our program our clients are able to benefit from a strong credit score the rest of their lives.



You may cancel services without any penalty or obligation at any time before midnight of the 3rd day, which begins after the date the contract is signed by you.  


Since services begin immediately, there will be NO refunds after the 72 hour deadline.  Contracts must be cancelled electronically via email at followed by a signed and dated copy of the cancellation notice provided.  


Mail all cancellation documents to:

Every Day Delivering Results LLC

Germay Drive

Unit 4 #1774

Wilmington, DE 19804


The electronic cancellation notice must be received before the deadline in order to cease services.

Customer's Role

To complete the full process of credit repair, when correspondence is received in the mail from the three credit bureaus, it is imperative that you contact our office immediately.


The information received will help us to continue the dispute process.  Failure to contact us promptly will result in delay or non-completion of your credit repair.


It is the customers obligation not to apply for new credit, make late payments or let current accounts go into default while Every Day Delivering Results LLC is in the process of disputing and resolving disputed items.  By applying for new credit, it will negate the progress that we have made. 


Customers are to maintain a credit monitoring account. It is the only way to get completely accurate results about the changes that have been made on your credit report as a result of our actions. You must do everything to maintain your account and keep us up to date if any log-in information changes. This will allow us to progress from round to round without any interruptions.

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